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The improvement of understanding is for two ends:
first, our own increase of knowledge
secondly, to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others.

 – John Locke

Stories transform a reader’s life!

I am honoured by such beautiful and encouraging words — I am grateful that you took your time to let me know – You warm my heart! 💖 Thank you! ~jas

Series: Accepting the Gift of Caregiving
Published 2019: “Is There Any Ice Cream “
Published 2020: “Did You Hide the Cookies?”



“Your books are so Real — they’re wonderful.” ~ Elizabeth Rogers, journalist, writer, Facebook comment

“These are the books to read if you or anyone you know is caring for a dementia patient. The author has written about her life as a caregiver….and she is a remarkable story teller. Ask your local library to secure these two books.” * ~ Gen Burda, photographer

“You’re right, each person is different, but the similarities are abundant. Reading books like “Is There Any Ice Cream” and “Did You Hide the Cookies” by my friend Judy Allen Shone let me know I’m not alone. Could I relate? Absolutely! “
~ George Salter, caregiver, award-winning photographer

“Your two books left an impact on me that I will carry with me forever! You are an amazingly strong and caring woman!!” ~ Babs Mohnkern, US reader

“Judy Shone had a choice: to give up and feel defeated, self-pitying and morose OR to make over her life in a positive state of mind; moreover she determined to write a useful book (and more) on her experiences and how to cope when your love is there pretty much in body only. Judy is my hero.” ~ Marge Simon, award-winning author

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Comments for: “Did You Hide the Cookies?”

“…I just love the honesty, humor and raw emotion you share in your story. As a caregiver, it really resonates with me. I can’t wait to read more!” ~ Susan Landeis, author, advocate

“In “Did You Hide the Cookies?” Judith shows us what a deep well of compassion looks like and what is demanded of this compassion and love when you are a caregiver. She walks you through her personal minefield of helping someone with a disease that can’t be pinned down, can’t be predicted and can’t be understood.
Then she flips the coin and gets very real about the toll this role takes on the caregiver, offering herself as her model. She beautifully and painfully captures the unseen anguish and exhaustion of a caregiver.

You will learn from “Did You Hide the Cookies?” and you will identify and be validated in your own experiences with memory diseases.

“My Love.” This is how Judith identifies and talks about her partner who has Alzheimer’s. I have heard that ‘love’ and remaining ‘in love’ is a conscious act.

“Judith reaffirms her love not only by calling her partner “My Love”, but by invoking that relationship and that emotion even in the midst of the hardest events and feelings.”
~ Robby Henes, a daughter and a caregiver, Back cover comment.

“...She puts her heart and soul on every page.”
~ K. Long, caregiver, Alberta

“An insightful look at how caregiving impacts the emotional and physical health of the caregiver. This offers a glimpse into the real life struggles of Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones.” ~Suzy. Cohen, Amazon review

Comments for: “Is There Any Ice Cream?”

I pray you know how special your talent put your thoughts and experience into words so well that others may feel like I did. That they aren’t alone..and that someone else understands.” ~ Facebook reader comment

“Heartfelt and helpful! The author shares an honest perspective of the daily trials and tribulations of caring for someone with memory loss. Her story is a true inspiration to those who suddenly find themselves in the role of caregiver. I look forward to reading her second book!” ~Suebedoo, former caregiver to mother, then father, Amazon reader

“Your journey, as I’m reading, seems to parallel mine in some ways, and I’m so impressed how gently and compassionately you tell yours, and your loved one’s story. I especially loved how you handled relationships within your circle, and outside your role as caregiver. I love that you continually express concern for other caregivers, and offer helpful suggestions, while not comparing your struggles. You’re my hero!” ~ Donna Beaver, caregiver, Nova Scotia

…so stunningly beautiful. I was compelled to bump it ahead of the other books I’m currently reading. Can’t wait to read the rest of your story in Book Two. You are one strong resilient human…” ~Genevieve Whitmire Burda, former Trustee with Western Carolina University, Back cover comment.

“As I read, I feel we are talking. I am asking questions that you are answering. I have a friend who also will benefit from reading about your life of caring.  By the way, the U.S. paperback I received is definitely a “large print” easy to read book with better spacing than most large-print books.”  ~ Ruth A Hopkins, PhD, Adult Learning Specialist who believes “questions matter.” Back cover comment

“I have just become a caregiver and a friend gave me your book thinking it would help me with my confusion. I found it informative, insightful, and more emotional than I anticipated. Thank you for sharing your life with such honesty …” ~ E. Pattison, caregiver,

“… an intimate view of the author’s life as a caregiver: the challenges, joys and emotions. Shone’s detailed recollections make you feel like you are there with her in the moment, learning to accept what life throws our way with love and compassion. A thought provoking and enriching read.” ~ Amazon reader

“Judith writes such an honest account of caring for her loved one, sharing how activities like art and music can help not only the one being cared for–but the carer as well–cope with the challenges faced after a #dementia diagnosis.” ~ Vicki Tapia, author, Somebody Stole My Iron

…I can relate to so many things you’ve gone through. For example, my wife sometimes doesn’t believe I’m her husband and asks me when I’m going to leave. It helps me to know other people are experiencing the same thing…is comforting. I’m looking forward to reading your next book.” ~ George Salter, Spouse -caregiver

“Essential Reading for All Caregivers.  I read this book because I was interested in knowing the path that Judy’s life had taken her since our days as high school classmates. I always knew that she had the qualities for being a ‘best friend’ (because she was!) but I had no idea she could express those same qualities–courage, knowledge, and humor–through her writing. If you are caring for someone with serious health issues, and you need someone who understands your ordeal and how to survive it, get this book and keep it on your nightstand. You’ll discover it’s the best friend you could have.”  ~ Robert Conrow, author & editor, high school friend of author.

“Your book, “Is There Any Ice Cream?” was loaned to me during the last year (of 8) I cared for my Mom with Alzheimer’s. I kept my promise to her  by keeping her home … and your book kept me sane on many a difficult day … “ ~ A.Richter., caregiver

Written with such insight and compassion about the day-to-day trials & joys!” ~AuthorWeek

… reading your book broke my heart. Thank you so much for your honesty, for telling the hard truth, for shedding a light on what our culture doesn’t want to see or talk about or know. I so appreciate you for all that it took for you to live every experience you described and didn’t describe, to write the book, get it published, and share it with the world. I honor you for continuing to live in such integrity. You and your book are a gift! I look forward to the day I can read the next one 😊 with love, appreciation, and admiration  😘😍💕” ~Betsy H.A.

. . .Very well written, and [I] found out how much we have in common. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and am anxiously awaiting the author’s second book!” ~ M.Meile, Kindle reader, Colorado, US

“. . .you write from such a powerful yet vulnerable point of view as a caregiver to your loved one.” ~ Jean Lee, author, Alzheimer’s Daughter

“I truly thought you were writing about my husband! So many similarities. It was uncanny to feel you had been watching through our windows because you knew exactly what had happened and how I felt!” ~ Jan, caregiver for husband British Columbia

I have read your first book “Is There Any Ice Cream?” and highly recommend it! I look forward to your second book “Did You Hide The Cookies?” I could relate to so much in the book! It took away some of the quilt I feel realizing others thought the same way. It also gave me great ideas for situations that may come in our future as we travel down this horrible road of dementia. Thank you for the book and this blog.”  ~Eileen, Ontario

I have just finished reading Is There Any Ice Cream? and would recommend it to anyone, whether they are in a caregiver position at the moment or not. It has excellent information on the services available and the need to get involved as soon as possible in group activities. I must thank Judy for writing this book and sharing her experiences, as I know it could not have been an easy journey. The book is also an eye opener for everyone on the devastating effects of memory loss and illness. It is truly inspirational!” ~Teri Nicholson Carruthers

Thank you for sharing your life of caring. 😊 I found quite a bit that seemed like the same path we’ve been on – I cried in some places because you were going through some of the same things. I hope other caregivers find your book! ~ Facebook reader comment

As you are reaching out to share what the books meant to you,
please know I still wish to connect, to share what I can with you.
Bless ALL caregivers!!💝🥰🕊🙏

Taken from emails, online reviews, phone call comments, letters, and social media comments. To read more kind words about Is There Any Ice Cream? visit Caregiver Challenges site, Readers Say page.

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