In Memory

My Love left us January 2022. He was 82. His years with memory loss and all his associated senior ailments were over.

Things happened so quickly. In that moment it seemed like our nearly 29 years together had been blown away by a wisp of air … gone.

Remember as you read and learn that caregiving is a gift we have been given to share with our loved ones. Be the best caregiver, give love with every effort you make, every task you accomplish, every thought you think, or service you provide. We get no do-overs. Be present when caring for those you love.

I miss My Love every single day, but am forever grateful I was the one who cared for him 24/7. I understand the heartache, but know love never dies. Keep loving.

Love,  Judy Shone
Author of the series Accepting the Gift of Caregiving


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