Support Groups or Book Clubs

Consider these conversation starters!!

Let’s help eradicate the stigma associated with dementia diseases,
including Alzheimer’s.

Suggest books for your yearly reading agenda that tells of experiences
that help bring to light what people tend to misunderstand.

The Accepting the Gift of Caregiving book set, “Is There Any Ice Cream?” and “Did You Hide the Cookies?”, provide an emotionally focused, sometimes humorous, sometimes insightful, experiential perspective on the role of caregiving—the author’s unique stories—that many find familiar!

Support Groups

Many members of a support group are privately wrestling with unfamiliar behaviours. They join with others because they are looking for answers for individual questions and situations; they want to further understand the world of caregiving.

The stories in this set can become a read-to-discuss foundation for a Support Group, especially if they consist of members interested in the dementia diseases of memory loss, the related topics found in these books.

In a small social setting, members can confidently bring up their needs or problems. Over time, with input from members, the words in these books can

  • generate conversations, that will result in
  • dicovering comfort and guidance,
  • finding local resources,
  • suggesting solutions to problems,
  • establishing reicprocal support lifelines.

Support Groups and lifelines are essential in a caregiver’s life.

Book Clubs

Sometimes you read a book and wish there were others to talk with about it. It may be the need to discuss certain topics in the book. You may want to let the book generate discussion for related ideas.

Book Club members put together an agenda of books to read for a period of time. With just over 300 pages and large print for easy reading, adding these books to the list can bring an added dimension to a group who have creative, unique and observations to share and questions to ask.

Large print with gentle line spacing for easy reading in
paperback and hardcover versions. Digital adjustment with eBooks.

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