Questions for Discovery

So there are the books and there are Questions to help caregivers after they read the books.

Questions correspond to Part One or Part Tw, whichever book your BOOK CLUB or SUPPORT GROUP is now reading.

Discoveries by reading about the experiences of a caregiver can contribute to the elimination of stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s by becoming familiar with behaviours and situation in the carer/loved one environment.

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving Questions for Discovery can be an active part of the agenda for either a Support Group or a Book Club.

Judith Allen Shone has prepared supporting questions to kick-start the process of finding what support you need, where you might find it, and how you can get it.

For each chapter in each book, there are approximately seven generic questions that are meant to generate thoughts for discussion, to guide in finding answers to the questions that initiated the discussions. Members provide answers. No answers come with the questions nor from the author. 😊

Download pdf free sample page of the Questions for Discovery to see if this would help get your group into discussions.

If your Support Group or Book Club would like a copy of the Questions for Discovery, please email me:

  1. …which book you are reading- to match the questions
  2. …how many copies you would like.
  3. …you will receive the location of the files to download…each download is one copy.


Please consider these books for your Support Group or your Book Club.


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And DO NOT FORGET one place to begin asking questions is at the Alzheimer Society of Canada offices, or a similar organization in your area.

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